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Vital Things You Must Check Before Buying a Used Generator
over 3 years ago


Generators are a reliable source of electrical energy, but only if you invest in the right one. In the market, you will find many brands and designs of generators that operate at different capacities; hence you should find the one that suits your needs. However, purchasing a new generator can be expensive, and that is why you should consider buying a used one. A used generator will serve you just like a new one as long as it is in perfect working condition. Purchasing a new generator is a less daunting task as you will not have to worry about performance as long as it is of the right specifications. Moreover, the manufacturers usually offer a warranty for a specified duration. If you want to buy a used generator, you should check certain vital aspects. Read on to learn some of the things that you must check before purchasing an industrial generators for sale.


Most importantly, establish the age, hours, and usage of the generator as these affect the performance. A generator engine has an odometer reading that you can check to find the number of hours it has been on. In most cases, generators used as standby or power backup are usually ideal as they are well-maintained. Purchasing a used generator that has been used as a prime source of electrical energy might not be a good deal.


Just like any other piece of machinery, you should perform a visual inspection. Inspecting a used generator requires knowledge regarding the different components of a generator. Therefore, you should find a mechanical expert that you can trust to perform the visual inspection. There should be no cracks or corrosion build-up on the generator if you want to avoid the burden of repairs. All the mechanical components of the used generator should be in perfect working condition. Bearing and bushings are important components that define the performance of a generator and should be replaced prior to the purchase.


The decision to buy a used generator should be made after performing a load test. A load test is key, as it is the most credible means of determining the overall efficiency when it comes to electric power generation. Do not trust what the dealers say about the load performance, and you should get a second opinion from an impartial party. Finally, you should check the model and the manufacturer, which should be reputable. If you want to make an informed decision when shopping for a used generator, you should ensure that you check the above-discussed things. Learn more here to find more ideas where to buy the best used generator.


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